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Planting with the Planet in Mind

A more sustainable approach to plant parenthood to bring more resources to the next generation.

We pride ourselves in providing peat-free soil solutions.
What do we use instead?
Redwood bark.

Our redwood is a product of sustainable forest management, meaning that the trees harvested were planted to keep up with the demand of forest products. This allows for the preservation of established forests, protecting their health and ecosystems.

Why Redwood?

Shredded redwood bark stands as a superior ingredient in potting mixes due to a combination of unique properties that favorably impact plant growth. Firstly, its fibrous and airy structure promotes excellent aeration and drainage, both critical to prevent root rot and promote robust root development. The slow-degrading nature of redwood bark also ensures long-term soil stability, reducing the frequency of potting mix replacement. Additionally, it has a natural resistance to pests and disease, providing an added layer of protection for your plants. Its mildly acidic pH aids the nutrient absorption of plants that thrive in such conditions. Furthermore, the organic matter in redwood bark enhances soil fertility as it decomposes, steadily releasing nutrients to feed plants over time.

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