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      Three Ways to Prevent Fungus Gnats in Your Houseplants This Winter

      Three Ways to Prevent Fungus Gnats in Your Houseplants This Winter

      Winter is coming and many of us want to bring our plants in but keep the pests out.  There is one specific pest that almost everyone will encounter at some point and that is the fungus gnat.

      Fungus gnats won’t damage your plants, but instead use them as a breeding ground. They look like tiny mosquitos and can multiply by the hundreds and while they can’t harm you, they can definitely kill your vibe.  

      Here are our top 3 tips to prevent and get rid of fungus gnats.

      Don’t Overwater Your Plants


      Fungus gnats thrive in moist-to-wet potting media, whether it is a potting mix or soil. When these conditions are present, the top layer of soil is where fungus gnats will come in and lay their eggs. Their larvae will then feed off of your plants roots but cause little-to-no damage. Then when they become adults, they will start buzzing around your plants and your home & repeat the cycle. 

      How can this be avoided? Let your soil or potting mix dry out before watering. Most plants will be happy and not need to be watered until the top inch of their potting media is dry. Another way to avoid overly moist soil is to bottom water.


      Do Create a (Decorative) Barrier

      How to prevent fungus gnats houseplants


      Decorative stones, pebbles, or pea gravel is a staple in outdoor gardening and can serve to be fashionable and functional for your indoor plants as well. Rock toppers provide a clean aesthetic and can help your foliage pop while adding a later of protection between fungus gnats and your potting media.

      However, it’s important to note that this will act like mulch and help your potting media retain moisture. This will help reduce how often you water your plants and works well with bottom watering. It is important not to add any toppers if fungus gnats are already present. Our Rock Your World Collection comes in three different colors to help your plants stand out & is also infused with essential oils to help deter pests.


      Always Use the Right Potting Mix

      IvyMay Redwoods Potting Mix


      Not all potting media are created equal. Bagged soil is often too dense for most houseplants. Density comes from a lack of added material like perlite to help water properly drain through the containers we keep our plants in. Improper draining leads to wet or muddy conditions that not only invite fungus gnats in, but also lead to root rot.

      Houseplant potting mixes like IvyMay Redwoods Houseplant & Aroid Potting Mix are crafted to create a perfect balance between moisture retention and drainage. Infused essential oils such as peppermint and cinnamon also discourages fungus gnats from making themselves at home and encourages healthy root development and growth. 

      So, as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, your plants will soon go dormant. However, that doesn’t mean pests are too! Be sure to try one or all of our tips to help keep fungus gnats out while your plants inside.

      For more tips and tricks to keep your plants thriving, follow us on our accounts (TikTok and Instagram), where we constantly keep you up-to-date with the newest plant advice! 

      Grow at Your Own Pace: Mental Health & Houseplants by Ivy Moran

      Grow at Your Own Pace: Mental Health & Houseplants by Ivy Moran

      Ahhh.. the houseplant journey. 

      -The ‘Tour De France’ of who can grow the prettiest, most jungle-like leaves and compliment them with a boho aesthetic. 

      -The “sorry I haven’t watered you for 3 weeks-- I’m really really in a rush and don’t wanna hit traffic!” 

      -The rearranging of plants ‘cause some need more love this week.

      -The “it hasn't grown ANY since I bought the damn thing-- I’m doing something wrong..” 

      No, sis. You’re doing everything right. 

      Misting Hoya Plants

      There are so many parallels between plant care and self-care. This plant journey is reflective of your journey. Have you checked in with yourself lately? Have you kept hydrated? Have you valued your time of rest just as much as your time of growth? 

      You see, the use of plants for indoor purposes is a widespread and long-lived phenomenon. Egyptians even embraced indoor plants within their interior design practices since the 3rd century BC. (Even they had faith in IvyMay). 

      This practice of keeping plants indoors can be attributed to aesthetical niceties, however, they offer us much much more! Several studies indicate that certain environmental influences, such as the presence of natural qualities (water and vegetation) within your indoor space can help improve your psychophysiological stress-reduction abilities. Yes, your IvyMay crystal bundle sets count. 

      Anthurium in a cloche with abundance crystals

      These are some of the positive effects plants have on emotional states:

      • Positive emotion
      • Increase attentiveness 
      • Restrict negative thoughts 
      • Reduce physiological arousal

      Clearly, the Egyptians got the hint. So take it from them, or take it from us-- your indoor environment is EVERYTHING. Make it something you’re inspired by. 

      So, hang your Hang ‘N Roots Propagation Station-- made with natural wood to ensure that outdoor pureness is felt within.

      Albo Monstera Cutting

      Grow at your own pace. Cherish the times of slow growth and watch as you unfurl. You’ll be surprised by how much you thrive. 

      And don’t forget that IvyMay and the plant community are right there with you-- along YOUR journey. Let’s keep in touch! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok