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      IvyMay Gifts

      It's always the season for gifts! Whether you're wanting to wish someone a happy birthday, happy housewarming, or bring cheer for any holidays - we're here for it!

      Here's what we recommend:
      1. Pick a plant. The plants in this collection will come with a care card with instructions for lighting, watering and pet toxicity for the recipient!
      2. Select a pot to go with the plant, but be sure to pick the right size pot. For example, 4" pot size plant will need a pot that can fit a 4" nursery pot.
      4. You can also check our home decor section for other things they might enjoy.
      5. Add a custom message at checkout.
      6. Put the recipient's information and address in the shipping field and we will deliver it!

      Below are our top recommendations for gifts. Happy Shopping!