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3 Trellis Pack

3 Trellis Pack

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We know your plants enhance your personal space, but its time to enhance theirs too. This trellis bundle comes with one of each our of Spring/Summer 2022 designs:

  • Made of Lightweight Poplar Wood
  • Plastic Free - No Added Chemicals
  • Designed in-house in San Diego, CA
  • Made by a USDA approved manufacturer in Asia

In an effort to be an eco-friendlier option, we did not opt to use any chemicals or sealants on these items. Being made of an organic matter, the wooden pieces will degrade (specifically the stakes) over time with exposure to moisture and wetness. At the end of its lifecycle as a trellis, we encourage you to carefully cut off the stake remnants and use them as home décor.

For those who may want to seal these items themselves, we recommend wax or Eco-Advance Exterior Wood Waterproofer, a people, pet, & plant safe option available at certain hardware stores and online.

Lunar Love: 7.5" x 6.5" from the soil line
Desert Vibes: 11.5" x 6" from the soil line
Mindful Moments: 7" x 10" from the soil line

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