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      With IvyMay’s Redwoods Houseplant & Aroid Potting Mix, we make sure to give back more than we take.

      Our redwood is a product of sustainable forest management, meaning that the trees harvested were planted to keep up with the demand of forest products. This allows for the preservation of established forests, protecting their health and ecosystems. Every bag purchased plants a tree to help conserve the beautiful redwood forest through 501(c)(3) non-profit organization One Tree Planted.

      You may have seen towering redwoods on TV, your insta feed, or even in real-life. Not only are these trees 300+ ft giants, their fossils date back to the Jurassic period (that’s over 200 million years ago)! Redwood has become a staple in construction, furniture, and gardening industries. While the source of these redwood trees often come from sustainably managed forests, “the coast redwood and giant sequoia forests are home to the tallest and largest trees on the planet. They represent the original face of nature, embodying a beauty millions of years in the making. These forests store more carbon from the atmosphere than any other forest ecosystem, and they support communities of life found nowhere else on Earth”.

      For more information about redwoods and what makes them so special, please visit: Save the Redwoods League.