Crystals: The Benefits & How to Get Started with Xenia from Village Rock Shop

Crystals: The Benefits & How to Get Started with Xenia from Village Rock Shop

I'm Xenia, owner of Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad. My story with crystals, gemstones, and minerals started over a decade ago and I think I can say that it was love at first sight. In the beginning I was inspired by the crystals' natural beauty and became fascinated with their geology, growth patterns and the environment they formed in. Because it takes hundreds or sometimes billions of years for some crystals to grow I believe that they can hold, absorb and release energy. Depending on their structure and mineral composition, crystals can vibrate at different frequencies so I began to discover their energy and healing properties. 

What benefits do crystals have?
I believe that all crystals can help us reconnect with nature and everything around us, but also to bring us more into balance and harmony, give us a calming feeling, promote healing and positivity. 

What are some ways that people can use crystals in their lives?
There isn't a right or wrong way to use crystals, the most important part is to follow your intuition and choose a way that works easily with your daily life. Here are some ideas: carry them in your pocket, purse or keep them all together in a pouch, wear your crystals, meditate with them, put them in your planters (your plants will love them), put them in your bath, sprinkle them around your home, create a crystal grid filled with intentions.

What are some of your personal favorite ways to work with crystals?
Personally, crystals simply make me feel happy when I look at them. I feel more positive, confident and supported by nature when I carry them in my pocket or place them around my environment. What works for me is meditating with crystals, this helps me focus on what i would like to bring into my life, makes my intentions clearer and it allows me to take a break, breathe and recharge. 

Which crystal is your favorite and why?
My most favorite crystal is Amethyst, it's vibrant purple color is what attracted me initially but it has stayed my favorite because Amethyst always feels calming and healing. 

What's the biggest myth about crystals?
I believe one of the biggest myths about crystals is that they will do the work for you. Crystals are a great tool that you can work with to assist, guide and support you in attracting positivity, abundance, prosperity, success, healing and manifesting your goals. They will definitely bring clarity and teach you to trust yourself, your intuition and your feelings. But you also need to set intentions and actively work on those goals in order to grow and bloom personally, find balance and inner peace. Much like a plant needs good soil, water and love to grow!

What inspired you to start your business?

I wanted to share my passion for crystals with others, create a space that is friendly and welcoming so that people feel comfortable exploring the crystals even if they didn’t know anything about them. I wanted to source crystals ethically and sustainability. I now work with people that mine their own, small mines or experienced dealers that we have personal relationships with so that we can see how the crystals are being sourced. 

What's been the most challenging part and how did you work through it?
The most challenging part about owning a business was the first year because of the constant change, figuring out what works for my business and creating a structure for it. What helped me during that time was having a routine and staying consistent with my work flow even if there was lengthy times where it didn’t seem anything was happening. Realizing that setting a base for the business was part of the process. Staying positive and not questioning myself was essential during that time. And of course being surrounded by crystals helped keep me grounded and focused! 

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Xenia! You can now shop our Abundance Crystal Set & Self-Love Set in our shop.

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