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      Embrace Flaws: How Caring For Houseplants Can Help Us Accept Imperfections - Mental Health Awareness Month, Week Four by Ivy Moran

      Embrace Flaws: How Caring For Houseplants Can Help Us Accept Imperfections - Mental Health Awareness Month, Week Four by Ivy Moran

      Welcome back to another week of reflecting how houseplants can improve our mental health. Now, simply having them around isn’t going to boost your mood, but how we interact with them can have a positive effect on how we look at ourselves and the world around us.


      We get the struggle.

      You had a lot going on this week-- it’s not every week you forget to water your plants!

      Crisping from the edges and drooping past no return..? Um.. okay no, worries..

      Wait… what?? Your kitties attacked the foliage after a fly was playing hide and seek around the leaves- only ½  are salvageable… Yikes!

      Oh, shoot. Those white things crawling on the bottom of the leaves.. Yeah.. I think you should.. Yeah.. hold on, how many?? 

      You might want to take care of that.

      *End Scene*

      Begonia Maculata

      These situations are inevitable. Accepting imperfections comes with the territory of living life and caring for plants. 

      But there’s good news-- you have the power to change how you interpret life’s challenges, or in this case, one hell of a plant disaster! (cringe) 

      You wake up, flawless
      Post up, flawless

      This will be your new mantra, okay? 

      You see, the Queen Bey isn’t claiming perfection, but simply lacking flaws. ‘Waking up flawless’ is an oxymoron and isn’t meant to be taken literally. 

      “I just woke up, and I’m feeling good.”

      It’s not just that Beyonce is perfect per se, but she acknowledges being free from flaw, free from taking the title- flawed. 

      Take it easy on yourself… you’re doing better than you think, love.

      Philodendron and Spanish Moss

      Start slowly...Data indicates that over 50% of the population live in urban areas, meaning we have to try that much harder to recreate natural environments in which humans have evolved in. Even better, IvyMay has produced our own line of soil that replicates your plant’s natural environment. Our Peace of Mind & Mindful Mix potting mix is packaged with perlite, orchid bark and earthworm castings, your plants will feel right at home! 

      Living in cities away from natural environments likely results in higher stress  levels and poorer mental health. Stressful situations are inevitable... it just comes with the territory of living life… 

      So then what happens? You are faced with the decision of how to interpret the situation.

      Wutcha gonna do about your plant disaster, or the coffee stain on your white jeans?



      ~Embrace life, embrace your imperfections; you are the bees knees~

      Shy away from creating unreachable goals for yourself-- you wouldn’t expect a Monstera Deliciosa to grow 4x its size in a month, why are you expecting the whole enchilada from yourself? 

      Anyhoo, you’re perfect to us. Let’s be friends on Instagram and TikTok for more wellness and houseplant tips and tricks. We’d love to see you there! 

      Grow with Ease: How Slowing Down Can Help Improve Your Mental Health- Mental Health Awareness Month, Week Three by Ivy Moran

      Grow with Ease: How Slowing Down Can Help Improve Your Mental Health- Mental Health Awareness Month, Week Three by Ivy Moran

      Why mosey along when you can stop and smell the roses? The smell of roses: the pureness of nature’s divine, an artfully fresh aroma, too inviting to miss. 

      At IvyMay, we designated the third week of Mental Health Awareness Month to ways in which houseplants can help us slow down our lives. When stopping and smelling the roses, the smaller, more underrated experiences come alive. Some sensory enrichments are just worth the stop! 

      Four Potted Plants

      Common approaches to success usually entertain a “go, go, go” mindset that oftentimes leave us further away from comprehensive successes-- possibly because we forget to smell the roses-- plausible!

      Gardening has been used for therapeutic purposes in occupational therapy. Occupational therapy is a holistic practice of therapy in which individuals or groups participate in activities that support some of the following: recovery from injury, support physical and cognitive changes and even help children with special learning requirements. (That, smelling the roses AND using IvyMay’s bath salts infused with rose petals is the remedy we recommend.)

      Potted plants Snow Queen Pothos

      At IvyMay we feel it’s important to acknowledge life’s underrated experiences, so we’ve pointed out 4 ways in which plants help us slow down:

      1. Basic houseplant care needs (light & water) teach us how smaller adjustments in life can help us thrive, too.

      2. Checking for new growth teaches us that slow growth is nevertheless, still growth.

      3. Styling our indoors with houseplants teaches us that everyone has opinions, might as well ~do yo’ thang the way you wanna do yo’ thanngg~

      4. Giving your houseplants showers reminds us of their natural environment-- toss ‘em in the shower monthly to replicate a rainforest-- even you’ll feel cleansed!


      New leaf unfurling Raphidophora Tetrasperma or Mini Monstera Minima Ginny

      Because gardening is both purposeful and meaningful, therapists have introduced planthood (parenthood x plants) into their practices (Patil et al., 2019). “Contact with nature is generally associated with the restoration of depleted mental resources and stress,” (Patil et al., 2019) --- why wouldn’t we bring plants indoors???

      Improve your  well-being with plants. Practice taking every moment with ease, every experience with good intentions, and every opinion with a grain of salt. 

      Stay tuned in with yourself & IvyMay. Keep in touch on Instagram and TikTok for more wellness and houseplant tips and tricks. We’d love to see you there! 

      May Mental Health Awareness: Intentions- Week Two by Ivy Moran

      May Mental Health Awareness:  Intentions- Week Two by Ivy Moran

      Happy Mental Health Awareness month!

      We support you making strides towards improving your mental wellness every month, however, the month of May allows us to celebrate a bit extra. Cheers! 

      So, let’s chit-chat about what constitutes mental health.

      First off, mental health encompasses 3 components:

      • Emotional well-being
      • Psychological well-being
      • Social well-being 

      At IvyMay, we romanticize making our insides feel just as good as our outward presence-- and we want this for you, too! It’s important to be conscious of the complexities of mental health and not to be weary out of fear of the unknown. 

      Girl with Monstera Deliciosa

      In a perfect world, personal investments such as journaling in Mindset Journal “Growth,” therapy, or taking morning walks would be just as ordinary as it is to skip grocery shopping and order take-out. (Mmmm, no dishes!)

      These personal investments, if practiced over time, can help reduce the potential of physical health risks. 

      Okay, light your candle, grab a snack, and let us get theoretical for a second. 

      The escape-from-self theory suggests that non-rational choices and self-destructive behavior go hand-in-hand (Kim & Jahng, 2019). That is, self-defeating behaviors can arise from non-rational choices, which can lead to issues with mental wellness. 

      And if that’s not straightforward enough, understandably--self-esteem is the first ~out-the-door~ when making poor decisions. 

      Now, there isn’t a book that lays out what’s considered ‘non-rational decisions’ because it’s a case-by-case basis. But if you must insist, here’s a few:

      • Wearing yourself ‘too thin’ (leading to burn-out)
      • Buying soil from big box companies (leading to missing out on our Organic Potting Mixes)
      • Drinking too much coffee (leading to increased heart-rate and anxiety for some)
      • Being too critical on yourself (leading to lowered self-esteem) 

      --But not to worry, you’ll escape faster than Alice did from her rabbit hole.

      So, with the conscious awareness that mental wellness is required for the mind and body to thrive, actions towards enhancing it at every opportunity will be routine. 

      Quit the self-sabotage, you’re beautiful babe. Treat your emotional, psychological, and social well-beings well! They’re all you got! 

      Well, you’ve followed us up to this point, why not follow through with the rest? 

      Here’s our Instagram and TikTok, follow us for all things wellness!

      Grow at Your Own Pace: Mental Health & Houseplants by Ivy Moran

      Grow at Your Own Pace: Mental Health & Houseplants by Ivy Moran

      Ahhh.. the houseplant journey. 

      -The ‘Tour De France’ of who can grow the prettiest, most jungle-like leaves and compliment them with a boho aesthetic. 

      -The “sorry I haven’t watered you for 3 weeks-- I’m really really in a rush and don’t wanna hit traffic!” 

      -The rearranging of plants ‘cause some need more love this week.

      -The “it hasn't grown ANY since I bought the damn thing-- I’m doing something wrong..” 

      No, sis. You’re doing everything right. 

      Misting Hoya Plants

      There are so many parallels between plant care and self-care. This plant journey is reflective of your journey. Have you checked in with yourself lately? Have you kept hydrated? Have you valued your time of rest just as much as your time of growth? 

      You see, the use of plants for indoor purposes is a widespread and long-lived phenomenon. Egyptians even embraced indoor plants within their interior design practices since the 3rd century BC. (Even they had faith in IvyMay). 

      This practice of keeping plants indoors can be attributed to aesthetical niceties, however, they offer us much much more! Several studies indicate that certain environmental influences, such as the presence of natural qualities (water and vegetation) within your indoor space can help improve your psychophysiological stress-reduction abilities. Yes, your IvyMay crystal bundle sets count. 

      Anthurium in a cloche with abundance crystals

      These are some of the positive effects plants have on emotional states:

      • Positive emotion
      • Increase attentiveness 
      • Restrict negative thoughts 
      • Reduce physiological arousal

      Clearly, the Egyptians got the hint. So take it from them, or take it from us-- your indoor environment is EVERYTHING. Make it something you’re inspired by. 

      So, hang your Hang ‘N Roots Propagation Station-- made with natural wood to ensure that outdoor pureness is felt within.

      Albo Monstera Cutting

      Grow at your own pace. Cherish the times of slow growth and watch as you unfurl. You’ll be surprised by how much you thrive. 

      And don’t forget that IvyMay and the plant community are right there with you-- along YOUR journey. Let’s keep in touch! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok

      How to Prevent Fungus Gnats in Your Plants by Cynthia Gerringer

      How to Prevent Fungus Gnats in Your Plants by Cynthia Gerringer

      So, you’ve started to grow your collection of houseplants. You love these plants, you do everything you can for these plants and yet, pesky home invaders appear. What is worse than coming home from a long day only to see that your home is under attack. Fungus Gnats. Annoying pests, right? Well I’ve got the best remedies on how to remove them from your home while putting up a Do Not Disturb sign so that they can leave your plants alone.

      Here are three tips to prevent fungus gnats:

    • Moisture Levels 

      Classy Casita Moisture Meter

      For basics, the first thing you should check when you begin to notice these flying criminals is your soil. Are you overwatering your plants? Is there not enough drainage in your pot? As simple as that may sound, without the proper drainage and watering schedule, fungus gnats will immediately appear due to their love of all things wet. A solution to this is by switching to the butt chug method when watering. That’s right, I said butt chug… for your plants! An easy watering method where instead of pouring water on top of the soil, you place your plant in a nursery pot with holes on a small dish with some water and let nature do its thing. Your plants will let you know when they are done drinking when the dish is almost empty or the top layer of the soil is moist.

      Bottom Water Houseplant Method


      If you’re still having trouble check out our blog: 3 Ways to Tell Your Plants Need Water for more detail on keeping your plants healthy and properly watered.  

    • Decorate with a Purpose 

      Rock Your World Ghost Droppings in a Pilea Pot

      Have you ever noticed how most plants on display in stores and restaurants have decorative pebbles sitting on top of the soil? This isn’t just for aesthetic reasons, even though a pop of color amongst green foliage is always a plus. It is a preventative step to make sure your plants are protected from fungus gnats spawning from deep within the soil. By placing a layer of pebbles or stones, you are making your plants inhabitable causing the gnats to find new homes hopefully far away from yours. We offer multiple pebbles such as: Ghost Droppings, Jadey Luck and our personal favorite Cohen’s Pawbbles to keep those pesky gnats away while being stylish. 


    • Soiled It

      Mindful Mix at West Elm

      Ever heard of, you are what you eat? The same goes for your plants as well. The type of soil you use for them will determine how healthy they will be. Choosing the right soil with all of the best ingredients may be hard but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For proper water levels to avoid gnats we recommend soils topped with Diatomaceous Earth. A few sprinkles of that on your plants and you can kiss those gnats goodbye! Diatomaceous Earth is used in order to soak up as much water as possible to act as a barrier so that no unwanted visitors will appear even if your soil is still wet from watering. We recommend soils with Diatomaceous Earth included to save you the shopping trip such as our Peace of Mind Organic Potting Soil Mix and our Mindful Mix .

      For more tips and tricks to keep your plants thriving, follow us on our accounts (TikTok and Instagram), where we constantly keep you up-to-date with the newest plant advice!