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      IvyMay & Co. started during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders by Cody & Tammy, two Pacific Beach kids who were bored & wanted to do something meaningful with their time. Realizing that houseplants made homes feel more alive & gave many a sense of hope by taking care of them watching them grow, they started a business with free contactless delivery of plants all over San Diego County. The first 4 months of their business consisted of rolling plants in carts up & down elevators to their second-floor apartment to replenish inventory & fulfill orders… but little did they know, the next phase of IvyMay would bring them to their new headquarters – a chicken coop which they transformed into a greenhouse!

      Fun Fact: Ivy is a plant & Vy is Tammy’s middle name. May is the month that they came up with this business idea & the name of Cody’s beloved grandmother who taught him about entrepreneurship in his childhood. That’s how IvyMay came about.

      Their favorite part of this business has been meeting the local San Diego Community. Plant people really are the best people & they’re so thankful that many of their customers have turned into friends & even partners in their business.

      Here’s a bit about the IvyMay team!

      Tammy, Co-Founder
      “Pets are the new kids & plants are the new pets” is something that Tammy understands more than anything. Checking up on the plants to make sure that they’re happy & thriving with clean foliage, proper lighting, nutrients, humidity & music in the greenhouse is one of her favorite things to do for the business. Tammy heads up our online marketing through social media, email, & content creation with her sidekick, Cohen (see below). She also designs spaces using plants as the focus depending on the lighting & space available for business & home clients.

      Cody, Co-Founder
      If you’ve ever ordered from us, you’ve gotten to know Cody very well! Cody is currently the one who texts you to let you know your order is en route & that it’s been delivered by himself, personally. He also oversees the operations side of the business including delivery logistics & business partnerships.

      Cohen, Chief Plant Officer
      Cohen’s title is Chief Plant Officer, but in reality, he is so much more than that. He’s a professional distractor when he rolls over for belly rubs & cries for love & attention at all hours of the day & an Olympic status ball-catcher. He spends his days checking to make sure pet-friendly plants are represented in our selection & sometimes, we catch him snoozing on the clock. When confronted about his sleepy habits, he responded – “It’s a ruff life, being CPO of a plant shop. Wake me up in 14 minutes.”

      Thaimae, Copywriter & Online Community Manager
      Thaimae started as one of IvyMay’s best customers. A fun fact about Thaimae is that she LOVES buying things in multiples, so a friendship developed when IvyMay would deliver a Velvet Calathea to her every week & this lead to lunch & plant exchanges. A friendship turned into the realization that Thaimae’s experience in Customer Service, her degrees in English & her duties as admins of two local houseplant Facebook groups made her the perfect fit as our online copywriter & community manager! Thaimae is considered a local houseplant care figure within the local San Diego community & we are super lucky to have her on the IvyMay team!

      Jackie, Events Lead
      Jackie was also another blessing that came to us from the business! We donated succulents to her sister-in-law’s grade-school class & Jackie has been in touch ever since & offered to help in her area of expertise. Jackie has put on some amazing trade shows & events, but we’re lucky to have her leading our pop-up & community events - well, as safely as COVID currently allows.

      With love,
      IvyMay & Co.