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      IvyMay & Co. started during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders by Cody & Tammy, two Pacific Beach kids who were bored & wanted to do something meaningful with their time. Realizing that houseplants made homes feel more alive & gave many a sense of hope by taking care of them watching them grow, they started a business with free contactless delivery of plants all over San Diego County. The first 4 months of their business consisted of rolling plants in carts up & down elevators to their second-floor apartment to replenish inventory & fulfill orders… but little did they know, the next phase of IvyMay would bring them to their new headquarters – a chicken coop which they transformed into a greenhouse!

      At IvyMay, we pride ourselves on our product quality, delivery, and customer experience. Our plants are hand-selected, cleaned, manicured, and organically fertilized prior to being delivered to your door. As a small business, we love supporting our fellow small business owners and offer a growing selection of home goods and self-care essentials crafted by local artisans. Our customer experience doesn’t end once your delivery is complete. We love interacting with our community on Instagram and Facebook by offering care tips, creating polls, designing templates, and using your feedback to continue to offer the best products and services we can. While the majority of our customers are residential, we do service commercial spaces and projects.