How to Use a Moisture Meter for Your Plants

How to Use a Moisture Meter for Your Plants

Did you know that overwatering is the number one reason why plants die? For most plants, you can tell when they need water when the soil is dry, with the exception of Calatheas, Alocasias and Marantas which love humidity and their soil to be kept moist. Many people use their finger, but if you want to skip the guessing game - you can use a Classy Casita moisture meter to tell if your plant's soil is dry, moist or wet. 

Here are the 4 easy steps for watering your plants:

Step 1: Insert the probe vertically into your plant's soil. For larger plants, move the probe down to the root level. For smaller plants, insert the probe about halfway. Adjust until the pointer on the dial swings slightly then stabilizes.

Step 2: Read your plant's moisture level on the dial after the reading stabilizes. If it reads dry, our plant needs a thorough watering.

Step 3: Remove probe from the soil and wipe clean after each use.

Step 4:
Give your plants a thorough water!

We hope this helps you determine when your plants need water. When in doubt, just use a moisture meter.

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