IvyMay's Hand-Picked Holiday Gift Guide

IvyMay's Hand-Picked Holiday Gift Guide

Hoping to gift a plant to someone over the Holidays? Well, here’s a round-up of the most low-maintenance & low-light tolerant plants that make the best gifts, even for beginners! 


Aglaonema IvyMay

Aglaonemas, also known as Chinese Evergreens, come in a variety of colors & patterns. They really add some flair to a space with their bold leaves & can grow to be rather large. The best part it, they require minimal care, so nobody has to feel bad when you don’t feel like adulting. We recommend these for people who truly appreciate a grower & a show-er.


The heartleaf philodendron (scientifically referred to as hederaceum, but commercially referred to as cordatum) is one good way to give someone your heart & hope they don’t break it. This very forgiving plant is versatile & can be paired with a moss pole to climb or it can be left to trail as long as Rapunzel’s hair… and yes, it will get tangled! 


Pothos are one of the most commonly seen houseplants in homes & businesses & there’s a reason for that. They are so determined to live & make a beautiful addition to any space. Like the heartleaf cordatum, these plants can be set to climb or left to dangle… let’s use the word “trail” instead… they can be left to trail! 


Scindapsus Exotica IvyMay

Scindapsus are frequently labeled as satin pothos because they’re like pothos, but satin. Okay, they’re not actually satin or any other manufactured material, like your tire shop’s old silk plants, but they feel like it. These shimmery babes are perfect to gift to someone who makes your eyes sparkle… or that one person in your life that loves glitter – they need love too!

ZZ plants

ZZ plants are great for someone who has minimal space & minimal plant-parenthood experience! These quirky plants are a good gateway plant, because they’re also super easy to try & propagate. 

Thanks for checking out our gift guide & don’t forget to enter promo code “THANKYOU2020” for 20% off from now through 11/30/20… you can use it for yourself or for someone else… but I say why not both?
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