Meet the Maker: Emily of Classy Casita Plant Moisture Meters

Meet the Maker: Emily of Classy Casita Plant Moisture Meters

We love supporting local. There have been so many amazing business connections made right here in the local community. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Emily of Classy Casita. Tired of sticking your finger into the soil to see if it's dry & needs water? We're now carrying Classy Casita plant moisture meters in the shop so you'll never overwater your plants again!

Meet Emily:

plant moisture meter classy casita

What inspired you to start your business?
I actually have another business that gave me the experience and confidence to go for it and start Classy Casita. When I started Classy Casita it was a hobby that I wanted to share on Instagram which was my love for plants and home decor. I was a new plant parent at the time that was always learning how to care for my plants and I wanted to share my experiences with others. Using a moisture meter is what truly helped me when I was a beginner plant parent and so I wanted to design one that would be perfect for the plant community. 

When did you start Classy Casita?
I started Classy Casita as a blog in September 2018 but released my first product in August 2020. 

Did you always see yourself owning a small business?
When I was younger and in college I did not see myself owning a small business. However, after college when I had some business experience and developed a stronger confidence, it was when I started my first business. Now I can't see myself doing anything else and would love to see my businesses grow or even develop new ones.

Has there been crazy challenges or a pretty easy road?
There have definitely been some crazy challenges, every small business owner can confidently say that there are both very small and very large challenges. However, I am grateful for being able to make it past those challenges and most importantly have my loved one around me when those challenges do come up.

Where do you hope to see Classy Casita go in the future?
I see Classy Casita growing into a popular online shop for all things plant care, home decor, and lifestyle products. 

Moisture Meter Calathea Orbifolia
What is your favorite plant?
My favorite plant is alway changing but currently it is my Calathea Orbifolia.

Which plant-decorated room is your favorite? 
My favorite plant-decorated room in my house would have to be my office nook that I am in the process of redesigning into my dining nook.

Classy Casita

Any wishlist plants?
My wishlist plant would have to be a Begonia Maculata.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Emily! We're looking forward to this partnership! Share a photo of your plant's moisture meter in action with us on Instagram - tag!

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