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      IvyMay Today — Guide

      Grow with Ease: How Slowing Down Can Help Improve Your Mental Health- Mental Health Awareness Month, Week Three by Ivy Moran

      Grow with Ease: How Slowing Down Can Help Improve Your Mental Health- Mental Health Awareness Month, Week Three by Ivy Moran

      Why mosey along when you can stop and smell the roses? The smell of roses: the pureness of nature’s divine, an artfully fresh aroma, too inviting to miss. 

      At IvyMay, we designated the third week of Mental Health Awareness Month to ways in which houseplants can help us slow down our lives. When stopping and smelling the roses, the smaller, more underrated experiences come alive. Some sensory enrichments are just worth the stop! 

      Four Potted Plants

      Common approaches to success usually entertain a “go, go, go” mindset that oftentimes leave us further away from comprehensive successes-- possibly because we forget to smell the roses-- plausible!

      Gardening has been used for therapeutic purposes in occupational therapy. Occupational therapy is a holistic practice of therapy in which individuals or groups participate in activities that support some of the following: recovery from injury, support physical and cognitive changes and even help children with special learning requirements. (That, smelling the roses AND using IvyMay’s bath salts infused with rose petals is the remedy we recommend.)

      Potted plants Snow Queen Pothos

      At IvyMay we feel it’s important to acknowledge life’s underrated experiences, so we’ve pointed out 4 ways in which plants help us slow down:

      1. Basic houseplant care needs (light & water) teach us how smaller adjustments in life can help us thrive, too.

      2. Checking for new growth teaches us that slow growth is nevertheless, still growth.

      3. Styling our indoors with houseplants teaches us that everyone has opinions, might as well ~do yo’ thang the way you wanna do yo’ thanngg~

      4. Giving your houseplants showers reminds us of their natural environment-- toss ‘em in the shower monthly to replicate a rainforest-- even you’ll feel cleansed!


      New leaf unfurling Raphidophora Tetrasperma or Mini Monstera Minima Ginny

      Because gardening is both purposeful and meaningful, therapists have introduced planthood (parenthood x plants) into their practices (Patil et al., 2019). “Contact with nature is generally associated with the restoration of depleted mental resources and stress,” (Patil et al., 2019) --- why wouldn’t we bring plants indoors???

      Improve your  well-being with plants. Practice taking every moment with ease, every experience with good intentions, and every opinion with a grain of salt. 

      Stay tuned in with yourself & IvyMay. Keep in touch on Instagram and TikTok for more wellness and houseplant tips and tricks. We’d love to see you there! 

      5 ‘Hard to Kill Plants’ for Beginners by Ivy Moran

      5 ‘Hard to Kill Plants’ for Beginners by Ivy Moran

      Okay, look. We know it isn’t your intention to forget about your plants, to forget to water, to overwater, forgetting that weekly check-in. Truth of the matter is, there are plants in particular that can withstand being forgotten about more than others. These plants are tolerant of varying light conditions and can thrive in standard temperatures and humidity of your home. What great news-- let’s turn your brown thumb into a green one!

      Here are our 5 favorite ‘easier’ plants:

      Silver Star Snake Plant

      - Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

       Ever heard of the saying “water as often as you pay your rent?” Well, they were really referring to Snake Plants (AKA Sansevieria). The hardiest of plants, the Snake Plant is one that you can place on your top-shelf, forget about it because it's so out-of-reach, and pull it down to admire once a month. These plants can withstand lower light and can even be placed in rooms without windows, just give them artificial/fluorescent lighting!

      Siam Red Aurora Chinese Evergreen

      - Aglaonemas 

      Aglaonemas, otherwise known as Chinese Evergreens, will thrive in any home with medium-bright light, mild humidity and warmer temperatures. These hands-free plants really only ask one thing: with more variegation on the leaves, the more light you’ll need, and with the more light, the more water it will need--what a lovely hack! Water when soil is completely dry, then give the shower of a lifetime-- easy! 

      - Pothos

      No matter the Pothos you fall in love with, whether it’s our Marble Queen, Jade or Neon, these trailing plants can transform any space into a real-life jungle- it’s easy too! Similar to the Snake Plant, Pothos can endure a wide range of lighting situations, from indirect lighting to artificial light. Hold off on watering until the soil is dry and eventually you’ll have a 30-foot stunner! 

      - Scindapsus

      The best of the best trailing plants- Scindapsus! These hanging plants are relatives to the infamous Pothos, however these behave a bit differently- here’s how: Scindapsus are extremely outspoken, and will tell YOU when it’s watering day. Similar to most plants, their leaves will yellow when overwatered, brown when underwatered, and when their leaves will physically curl--  it’s watering time! Give them bright-medium light, grab your favorite beverage, and appreciate your hanging beauties.

      - String of Hearts

      Don’t let them string your heart along, string your own heart! String of Hearts are less tolerant of direct sunlight, regardless what their succulent-leaves might make you think. An easy tell if you have adequate lighting is if the hearts are forming further and further away from each other, you’ll need to increase lighting, if they are super close, you’re in good (heart) shape! Additionally, pinch the leaves to see if its watering time, softer leaves means it’s time for a drench! Look out for their blooms in the Springtime, they are magical! A MUST have plant! 


      - Honorable Mentions

      Nevertheless, there is a world full of plants, and we certainly don’t think this is an ‘all encompassing’ list. So, maybe you’re feeling ready for more? Here’s a few that didn’t make the cut but deserve to be mentioned:




       5 Hard to Kill Plants for Beginners

      Being a new plant parent can be overwhelming, we understand! 

      Luckily, IvyMay & Co. has all the products to keep you jungle forever growing. Check out our Moisture Meter and other plant related accessories to ensure you’re a well-prepared plant parent! Also, follow our journey on TikTok and Instagram as we continue learning about all things plants!