3 Ways to Tell Your Plants Need Water by Ivy Moran

3 Ways to Tell Your Plants Need Water by Ivy Moran

Yes, it’s true- the yellowing of leaves, the browning tips- your plant is trying to communicate! Water and light are the key components to maintaining lusciously green houseplants. Sometimes, it’s harder to adjust the light perfectly in our homes, therefore we need to adapt our watering schedule to the amount of light in each room. Simply put, higher lit rooms- more water; lower lit rooms- less water. But sometimes it ain’t that easy, so here’s the ‘how to:’

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#1 Weight of the Pot- May sound silly, but trust us- after owning your indoor plant for some time, you’ll get in touch with its unique characteristics. Here is where you’ll need to get in touch with your plant’s maximum and minimum water weight capacity- let us explain. 

When water day approaches, completely drench the entire plant: water streaming out from the bottom drainage holes (like you wish your WiFi would), and you’ll feel the weight of your pot increase- cool, the soil is done collecting water! This is great! Make a mental note as to your plant’s general weight capacity, and follow up with another watering when you feel a dramatic decrease in weight- an effortless but impactful way to water! 

Our team has created the perfect solution- Mindful Mix & Peace of Mind Organic Potting Mix. This soil mix detours water from hanging in the pot too long, as this runs the potential for root rot- no bueno! With ingredients such as Orchid Bark and Perlite that encourage drainage, you can ensure you'll be watering with ease. 

#2 Using a Moisture Meter- Okay, okay- you’re wanting the ultimate watering hack? By using our Classy Casita Moisture Meter, you can have a straightforward gadget to give an exact answer! Check out our recent blog “How to Use a Moisture Meter for your Plants,” to know exactly how to use the probes on the meter for the most accurate results!

Regardless, don’t let anyone tell you this is cheating! They too might be cheating; cheating their plants of water!! 

#3 Gettin’ Dirty- Let your inner child run free and get a little dirty! The best way to get in touch with your indoor plant collection is to literally- feel it. 

Take your most reliable finger, stick it 2 inches beneath the soil, and get a sense of how damp and dense the soil is. You’ll be able to gauge how damp the soil is by how much dirt residue is still on your finger after sticking it in the more soil on your finger, the wetter your soil mixture is (obvi), in contrast, the less soil that stuck on, you can assume the soil is more ‘dirty’ than ‘mudding, thus, it’s time to water! Yay!

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Yes! It is one of our favorite ways to tell if a plant’s soil is dry :] Let us know how you like it!


Wow! This is so helpful! I had never heard the idea of getting a feel for your plants’ water needs by lifting up the pots. That is so smart. I’m also excited to try a water meter just to see if it changes my watering patterns in any way. Thanks for this great info!


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