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      IvyMay is now offering personalized services to help you make your space feel alive.

      Whether you’re hoping to spruce up a single corner or modify the entire aesthetic profile of your personal or professional space, we’ve got you covered.

      Things to consider:

      • Airflow
      • Average Temperature Range
      • Care Experience
      • Lighting Conditions
      • Pet Accessibility
      • Relative Humidity
      • Required Maintenance
      • Space

      Insert IvyMay. Our designer will evaluate all of the above within your space & tailor a personalized collection that suits your aesthetic and will thrive in your natural environment.

      It’s time to stop admiring the plant-filled spaces of Pinterest and Instagram and start enjoying your own!

      Complete this questionnaire and send us an email at

      Fee: $49/hour with a $250 purchase minimum. We will take a look at your questionnaire and provide a 30 minute zoom/facetime consultation for free before moving forward.

      Examples of previous design projects:
      JuneShine North Park

      IvyMay Greenhouse

      In-home design - Pacific Beach