Plant Parenthood on a Budget

Plant Parenthood on a Budget

It’s giving season, which means your plant budget is probably tighter than your neighbors yoga pants post-thanksgiving dinner. That’s okay! This is the perfect opportunity for you to focus on quality of your plant babes instead of quantity -which will probably start increasing come January. So, here are a few ways to keep you plantually active (yep, I know that’s not a real word, but it works, yeah?).

Spruce Up Your Pots

If you’re like me, you have a wide array of pots – nursery, terracotta, ceramic, repurposed boba cups… It’s without saying that some of them could use some paint or bedazzling. Get creative! Start with a pencil mock-up or Google some of DIY inspo. Use this opportunity to channel your inner Banksy and give your plants the luxury dream pot they deserve.

Become a Trader (Not a Traitor)

Let’s face it… sometimes we fall out of love with our ferns or we find that our calatheas no longer spark joy. But one planty’s “trash” (let’s be clear, I would never call a plant literal “trash”) is another planty’s treasure, so make a trade! If you’re on Facebook, look up your local houseplant buy-sell-trade groups and get acquainted with your local plant community. 

Clean Your Leaves…

This may sound silly, but taking the time to clean and wipe down the leaves of your plants is not only relaxing, its helps your plants live their best lives. Whether it’s dust particles or water spots, these layers inhibit your plants ability to absorb light and photosynthesize. You can take a damp microfiber cloth, turn up your favorite tunes (my plants really respond well to Christina Aguilera), and gently wipe down the leaves. 

And just in case you still need a little something for yourself or someone you love, use promo code: SUPPORTLOCAL for 10% your order through December 13, 2020!


Well, that’s all I have for you today. What are some of your favorite ways to ball on a budget? Show us on Instagram

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